Beyond Functional: The Next Evolution of Radiator Technology

sadecedizeBy sadecedizeJune 11, 20203 Minutes

The enemy of innovation has always been satisfaction. It’s a funny word, satisfaction, because it means something different to everyone. On rare occasions, a truly great product or service delivers an experience that surpasses our expectations and gives us that priceless peace of mind. Unfortunately, for some people satisfaction simply means resignation.  Resigning to using the same product day after day as it routinely under performs and slowly lowers our expectations.

When the founders of Quup Heating looked at the state of radiators and towel warmers, that’s exactly what they saw. An old technology that had become stagnant. But they also saw opportunity. With an extensive and successful background in aluminum engineering, they took the time to design their unique method of internal heating. While most companies like to toss in power words to make their products seem efficient and easy to use, we wanted to tear down that wall and show you, in detail, the ins and outs of our heating technology.

Quup values minimalism. We pride our products on being able to do a lot with a little and that all begins with the design. All Quup towel warmers have built-in heat control that set the temperature limit at 60°C for smaller models and 70°C for larger (140°F and 158°F respectively). This leaves the on/off button as the sole part of the user interface. Not only does this add to the sleek and clean design, it makes operating the system easy and safe for children.

Quup products have various methods of installation and function. Our towel warmers come in electric and hydronic models while our radiators only come in a hydronic option. Hydronic simply means it utilizes your plumbing to produce heat while electric requires hardwire installation. Hydronic models need to be mounted to a wall or carrier beams. Alternatively, electric models require a licensed electrician to install. For either option, the process is relatively quick and painless and doesn’t negatively affect the energy efficiency

Now onto the real genius of Quup technology: the aluminum. We meticulously control the selection of our raw materials, our aluminum included. Using 30% recycled, pure-extruded aluminum with our unique coloring method, we truly create inimitable designs. The use of high-quality metal actually doubles the BTU (British Thermal Output) of traditional heating systems while running on economically low temperature and voltage requirements. Not only does this make using Quup products more efficient, it’s also more environmentally friendly than most other heating systems being used today.

So, now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Quup’s unique heating technology, you’ve hopefully been convinced that it’s time for an upgrade. If there are any concerns or questions that aren’t addressed on our website, please contact for additional information.