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Our Mission: Keeping Canadians Warm

sadecedizeBy sadecedizeJune 11, 20202 Minutes

One of our sayings around the Quup office is: “turn your utilities into luxuries”. Through constant rethinking and reinvention, we strongly believe innovation can bring about a higher quality of life. But unfortunately for some Canadians, basic heating is a luxury.

Canada’s frigid climate puts an increase on the demand for quality heating solutions and in some cases, that demand isn’t being met. The cost of installations, reparations, and monthly bills for subpar units can be difficult to sustain. That’s why we’re introducing Quup’s new objective: Keeping Canadians Warm.

No one should have to choose between warmth and a basic need. That’s why we develop our products to run efficiently on low voltage with high heat output. Our use of high-grade aluminum makes cleaning and maintenance easy while our automatic temperature control makes them both safe and self-regulating. Our philosophy on design extends beyond the superficial: We want our products to improve your life whether by saving you money, improving hygiene, or simply providing warmth to those in need.

That’s why we’ve decided to commit to an annual donation of Quup radiators to charities, humane societies, and foundations across the country. Each year, we will choose an organization based on your recommendations and supply them with a small inventory of our easy-to-install, energy-efficient radiators. Our requirements for this project are broad. The only prerequisite for eligibility is that you are a Canadian based charitable organization that works to the benefit of those less fortunate.  Animal humane societies, veterans associations, low-income housing groups and more are all valid entries into this project.

Our goal is to help these foundations focus on their own goals by supplying them with high-quality heating systems. The energy-efficient nature of our radiators can hopefully minimize utility costs in order to maximize the potential of these selfless and astounding organizations.

Together, we can help Keep Canadians Warm this winter.

If you know of an organization that could benefit from this initiative, please contact us at: info@quupheating.ca