Efficient heating solutions with modern design

Whether you’re a developer, distributor, designer, or just someone looking for an alternative to traditional heating systems, you'll discover a wide range of wholesale opportunities to fit your business model. Discover the superior efficiency and reliability you’re looking for, along with the customization required to fit your vision.

Minimalist Design

The value of minimalist design resides in its adaptability. Simplistic architecture complements your room without taking away the spotlight, leaving you with the freedom to implement your vision.

High-Grade Aluminum

Using pure extruded aluminum supplies you with double the thermal output you'd receive from traditional heating systems. As well as giving them a unique tint, this makes products lighter and more efficient.


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Environmentally Friendly

Using 30% recycled aluminum, along with an efficient electric heating system, helps lower your carbon footprint and save you and your client’s money.

Style Meets Function

You're not looking to compromise, you're looking for the best. Because style and functionality shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Welcome to the next generation of luxury heating.

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