Your 5 Most Asked Questions About Dry Electric Towel Warmers

sadecedizeBy sadecedizeJanuary 14, 20212 Minutes

You asked and we answered. To help you make a smarter and more confident purchasing decision, we’ve put together a transparent and concise guide to how our products work and why we believe they’re the right choice for you

Here are the 5 most searched questions about dry electric towel warmers:

  • How do dry electric towel warmers work?

Conduction. Wiring is installed throughout the towel warmer allowing for even and accurate temperature control. Hydronic electric towel warmers are similar, but instead are filled with chemical fluid that gets heated up through convection.

  • Do you leave towel warmers on all the time?

 No. For the sake of longevity and safety, it’s advised to turn off your towel warmer when you’re not using it. Standard practice is to turn it on right before hopping into a shower or bath to both heat your towel and, by proxy, the room itself!

  • Do electric towel warmers heat the bathroom as well?

 Yes! Depending on the space and size of your chosen model, towel warmers can help with heating bathrooms and other small living spaces. You can also leave clothes, bathrobes, and other clothing on them for short periods of time to help stay warm and comfortable.

  • What is the best towel warmer?

As subjective as this question is, we’re confident that our towel warmers are the best on the market. Our sleek aluminum design and colour configurations tied with our modern and minimal designs elevate your living space, all without compromising function. Our dry electric heating method allows for greater energy efficiency and avoids the common issue of leakage found in many hydronic electric towel warmers.

  • Are towel warmers worth it?

 Absolutely. Aesthetics aside, nothing helps us deal with long Canadian winters better than a freshly heated towel. However, as with all things, the best way to find out is to try it yourself! Click the button below to browse our current models: